New Computer so bear with me please.

What I’d like to do is post just one picture, see if it works and then do another post with the rest and the recipes I have to share.    So, here goes.


Never mind, looks like I’ve found the correct file.  This salad, everyone has seen salad but…..this is the first from my garden, outside, this year.  Tonight is the night!  I get so excited when we have fresh stuff.  Enough said on that one.

Last night was a great dinner…..


It is roasted turkey, shredded with au jus only on top of cornbread that I made with pumpkin puree, dried blueberries and cranberries with some cranberry sauce on the side.

While in Cape May, New Jersey this past week Paul and I ate at a place called YB’s (Younger Brother’s) Restaurant.  Great place.  Our son in law suggested this item.  To die for.  Theirs was all dark meat, kind of pulled and sat on top of cornbread stuffing so it was more of the onion, herb type of item underneath.  Really delicious, moist.  I liked that it wasn’t gravy on it, just the natural juices.  So, I tweaked it.  I roasted an 11 lb. turkey on Friday because it was really cold and crappy out (my comfort food).  When I cook a turkey I use olive oil and orange juice as the liquid, but not much.  We had a normal dinner that night with some friends and had some MAJOR drama as we were finishing dinner.  I’ll get to the drama after the food prep story.  Actually, no, I’ll fit it in here before I go to the next day when the other stuff was made.

As we were sitting at the table a young man was kind of wandering in our driveway trying to figure out the front door… car.  Paul went out and the kid was kind of upset, actually really upset.  He had run off the road into our yard and hit a sign (no big deal), he had been texting, not a good idea.  He is deaf and has an implant and he’s young and easily upsetable.  The police and fire department, etc. the whole nine yards came, grilled the poor kid who understandably could not read the cops lips as the cop didn’t really get that he couldn’t hear him and was trying to read his lips.  It was a mess.  They arrested him, of course.  Whoever called this thing in to 911 said he had hid stuff in our yard….hiding on our step in front of the whole world was a 12 pack of Miller Lite with 4 missing.  Boom!  This whole thing made me so sick.  I realize texting is not good while driving, the whole thing was wrong but….this guy has enough problems.  I felt having him rake and put back the bit of dirt he messed up may have been enough.  He was a good kid.  I spent some time trying to get him to relax (he was sooooo not).  Very upsetting to all of us.  It’s stayed with me the whole week-end.  There is more to this story but I probably should be cautious so enough.  He is a good kid, just troubled and to have a handicap on top of that – go find bad guys, perfect York does have quite a few of those.

The cornbread……from The Victory Garden Cookbook but with my tweakings.

3/4 C. Cornmeal

3/4 C. flour

4 tsp. baking powder

1/2 tsp. cinnamon

1/2 tsp. salt

1/2 C. melted butter or coconut oil

1/4 C. brown sugar

2 eggs

2 tsp. lemon juice

1 C. pumpkin puree

1/4 C. or so Almond milk or whatever you have

handful of dried blueberries (I get these at Trader Joe’s very tasty)

handful of dried cranberries

Combine your dry, combine your wet, mix together with a whisk, throw in the berries last,.

Pat into a greased baking dish, not very big, bake at 350 for almost an hour or until a toothpick comes out dry sort of.

So, after that was cooled I sliced it up into wedges, pan sauteed it a bit as I heated the turkey & au jus in the pan and that was it.  Way to go!

Making this cornbread was a fun thing to do as a friend showed up with a 22 year old autistic young man to visit as I was thinking of making it.  Well, this kid is definitely the Rain Man….he was not in my house five minutes before he had reorganized everything on my counter, flushed the toilets in the house (didn’t need it but he was making sure).  He started to get a bit antsy so we made this together.  He did all the whisking, mixing, addition of dried fruit and spreading.  Loved it.  What a great guy!  Smiling alot, repeating alot but it was a good time.

While at this same restaurant, back in Jersey again at YB’s we had this beautiful start to our dinner.


Sorry, it’s sideways.  Crispy cold watermelon slices with Feta Cheese in between, a bit of normal salsa on the side, a bit on top with some pea shoots and drizzled with honey.  OMG. 

This past week started with the birth of our daughter Ruth’s (and Matt) first child, Calliope.  Cute huh.


She is just one hour old in this picture.  You would have thought I birthed her I was (and am) so proud.  Gushing is the word.  Check these toes:


Little square pegs, yoga feet.  Ruth says they are her Stompers; just like her Mom.  It’s amazing when you see certain traits down the road on another person….at a later date.  Incredible.

Life is good.  We have three little grand daughters now.  I’m in heaven.  Just think of all the pinkness in my life.  It boggles me.  I had just come back from California visiting my other two little pumpkins and now we have three.

I would like to say, it’s kind of corny but we weren’t in the delivery room (thanks) but I was stalking the hallway waiting for news and actually, I have no shame, kept creeping up to the closed door and pressing my ear to it.  What a dork.  Well, I heard some murmuring and then heard the baby cry when she came out.  No kidding, a direct connect to my heart.  It was as though a electric plug had been connected from her to me.  Amazing feeling, amazing, I’ll never forget it.  Life is a miracle.

Some Sewing, Some Food and Some Big Time Snow Going On!

What is happening outside?  It’s such a mess, so much snow.  My poor birds are trying to get their evening carbs but the wind is every which way with blinding white stuff all over the place.  We have so many Bluebirds…..I’m not sure where they came from but they are here and hopefully to stay.  I love that blue color.  It’s the same color as the background to this blog site.  That Blue!

Awhile ago Heather and I went to see a man who sells leather scraps out of his garage in Berwick, Maine.  I bought a number of squares, all about the same size 22″ x 18″ – cool colors, all for $5.00 each.  I’ve been thinking about them….what to do?  Finally I had an epiphany the other night and have been thinking about it ever since.  I usually don’t use patterns for anything so it’s all rattling around in my head.  I’m so boring.


This is what I came up with.  A knitting bag for traveling.  My favorite color included.  It’s lightweight and I didn’t break one needle.  Easy to do, took all of about an hour or so.  I love these quick projects and using something I had hanging around works for me too.

During this blizz I’ve been baking as we’re driving to Jersey tomorrow to see Ruth & Matt.  Ruth usually has a few food requests (did I say a few and usually?).  I made a Cherry Pie as it’s Valentines Day.   Ooops, came up as a Document and not a picture.  I’ll add it later.  I made 16 Almond Scones for their freezer to bake off and these Dream Bars.


Let’s talk about Dream Bars.  When I was in Florida a few weeks ago, kicking around, waiting to come home, I went into a Williams Sonoma store.  Nice, expensive, nothing I really needed or wanted.  As I was cruising through there were these mixes, cute, with these two guys on the box cover expounding on the way they invented this product.  WAIT, HELLO?  They didn’t invent this.  I wouldn’t say we did either but…..we did it way before these little pipsqueeks came on the “food scene”.  We called them Dream Bars because Amanda who worked for me dreamed up the recipe while she was sleeping.  I’m sure lots of people have put two and two together – brownies and chocolate chip cookies – gooey raw batter of brownie on the bottom, gooey raw batter of chocolate chip cookie on top, bake….Dream Bars.  Yum.  I was so ripped when these “Brooklyn Chocolate” guys said it was theirs.  NOT.

Drives me crazy how all the new foodies are coming up with impossible food – all in the role of outdoing each other.  I was reading Food & Wine the other day and there was this young actress.  I’ve never heard of her.  She was talking about having butter and coconut oil in her coffee in the morning from a particular restaurant in L.A. She claims she gets her fats in the morning that way and her body does not crave fat the rest of the day.  I spoke with my trusty friend Carol who is a Doctoral Nutritionist.  She laughed and said bullshit.  She said she probably spends the day puking from that gross coffee combo and that is the “diet”.   I’m annoyed Food and Wine printed that.  Really.  When are we ever going to go back to publishing real food, nutritionally correct food not these hip blatherings.

I finished the dress for Ruth’s little girl.


It’s made with sock yarn which explains the striping effect.  Sweet.  It’s very tiny.

My friend Heather and I have been working on a collaboration and she did this lovely illustration of our grand daughter, Colbie, reading books. 


It really looks exactly like her!


Hopefully something will happen with this.  Zoe is in it as is Calliope….all my little girls.

Off to pack for Jersey….I can smell that south shore pizza now, thin, crisp, saucy, garlic and a dark beer.  Yum.  There is nothing like New Jersey Pizza.


Eclectic Mix of food & fiber


I thought I’d get right to the good stuff.  The time of day or me here might have something to do with this up first.  Noon and I’m hungry although I did have a cool smoothie this morning that I shared with Paul Jr. Fresh Papaya, Pineapple, Banana, Flax meal and homemade almond milk.  Smooth and interesting flavor.

The pie and bread came about as I was supposed to go visit with my friend Patti’s mom, aunt and hospice people (she’s 93 now) and I usually take food.  I, being alone as Paul left for work in Florida made up this apple pie.  It’s about the most delicious one I have ever made…..I used 5# of Cortland apples, 1/4 C. Verbena Sugar (remember last year I cut the last of my verbena and mixed it with organic sugar in my chopper) and one whole lemon, grated peel first and juice of the lemon next.  I then topped it off with 4 pats of butter.  That’s it.  What a fresh pie, not at all sweet just fresh!

The bread was the result of while in the basement getting pie things I spotted that big old white box on the shelf, my bread machine.  So, I decided to drag it out and make plain old white bread.  Geech that stuff is good and easy and also it makes just about the best toast in the world.  You know, I’m always making something brown, grainy, healthy, etc. but sometimes just WHITE and easy does it. 

Back to the story, by the time the bread was done, the pie was done it was exactly 11:50 a.m. and I was due to leave at noon.  Bingo, a blizzard started with the most giant flakes I have ever seen.  No way was I going to drive the 1.5 hrs. into boonie land where Patti’s mom lives which would take 3 hrs.  I hated to call her, especially after I said I was coming with all this fresh food and then not go.  I am glad I canned it, we did get allot of snow and I heard the driving was horrendous.  Immediately once the decision was made of course….I cut myself a slice of pie, then I cut some bread for toast, then I wrapped it all up and froze it – I could see just where that was headed.  Me alone in the house, blizzard, warm fresh food….wow, a close one.  That business of chopping herbs in with the sugar is nice.  It adds such a unique flavor to things.  Mint, basil, anise……can’t wait to plant for this years garden.



Some girlfriends came over for snacks last night (with wine).  My plan was to make cheese fondue, which I did, with all sorts of cool things…..roasted potato chunks, grilled sausage chunks, broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, apples, etc.  Well after all that health food type stuff a chocolate dessert was the ticket. 

This recipe came out of bon appetit, February 14.  I’ve altered it a bit just by making it easier, that’s all.


2 Tbs. unsweetened cocoa powder

2 Tbs. sugar

1/2 tsp. salt

1/5 C. flour

1 stick unsalted butter, chopped

1 egg yolk & cold water (about 1/2 C.) or just cold water & vinegar (I prefer not to use egg as I feel it hardens the dough)

Make the crust your usual way.  Roll it out and fit it into a tart pan.  Use the rolling pin to go over the top edge of the pan to get a nice even edge across the top.  Fork all over, wrap in plastic and freeze for a bit.  This part can be done days ahead or just hours.

Take it out of the freezer and bake in a preheated oven at 350 for about 40 minutes.  It’s hard to tell when it’s done because of the color so just pull it at 40 minutes.  This can be done anytime ahead, same day, day before, just keep it wrapped if it’s the day before.


1.5 C. heavy cream

1/2 stick chopped unsalted butter

3 Tbs. honey or agave

1/2 tsp. salt

12 oz. good chocolate, should be 70% at least.

I use a glass bread pan……put the heavy cream, butter, honey & salt in it, microwave for 2 minutes.  Add the chocolate, stir, melt for another 1 minute.  Stir and let it sit, stir to blend in if it’s all melted.  It will come up thick and glossy.  If there are still lumps, give it a tiny zap.  Once thick and fabulous looking pour it into the baked shell and refridgerate it for a few hours.  Sometimes I’ll need it pronto so then I just pop it in the freezer.

The almonds on top?  This recipe didn’t work for me.  They were supposed to be dry and sandy looking.  I think the syrup which was made up of brown sugar & maple syrup was too dark to tell when I was getting at coating heat level.  So, do whatever you do or serve with fresh raspberries, much easier.


Two days ago I got the idea to make some almond milk and remembered I saw an easy recipe somewhere.  Not an easy feat for me to find a random recipe as I have tons of them all over the place.  Books, binder, magazines, this place is full of food ideas but I did find it, fairly easy too.  I keep a clipboard of the recipes I first extract from anywhere that I think I may want to toy with.  There it was!

January 2014, again Bon Appetit.

Basic Nut Milk:

1 C. raw nuts (I used almonds but am now going to try pistachio)

4 tsp. agave

pinch of salt

Place the nuts in a bowl, cover with water to 2″ above the nuts.  I let it sit over night then drained the dirty water out (amazing amount), rinsed the nuts and refilled in a clean bowl to cover with water.  Let it sit another day. 

When your ready, drain the nuts and puree with agave, salt and 4 C. very, very hot tap water (not boiling).  Let it blend for at least a few minutes.  I couldn’t fit the last two cups of water in my mixer (see photo, filled to the brim) but it was o.k. because I just poured it in a bowl with the blend and whisked to mix.

Strain through either mesh or a fine sieve.  I sieved it twice then poured it into a clean wine bottle.  One cup nuts, 4 C. water is perfect wine bottle size. 


I am so SOLD on this.  It’s delicious, it’s easy to do, really takes very little time.  It’s one of those things that you can start one day, decide the next your not ready, change the water, let it sit again.  The article says the longer it sits the smoother the milk.  But the flavor is fabulous and doesn’t even come close to buying that cardboard box at the grocery store.  I buy my almonds online from Masa Organics in California.  They have the freshest I’ve ever had.  There is a hefty shipping charge so you may as well get their brown rice (which is all we eat) and their almond butter is to die for also.  I’m lucky because they sell at a Farmer’s Market in Berkeley where my grand daughters live and as we always go there (while I’m there) I stock up.  I have had to order online before and just bite that bullet.

We’ve been traveling quite a bit.  Paul has had work in Florida twice in the past month so I’ve been on a plane (serious knitting time opportunity) to go visit him.  I cut this past visit short as Ft. Lauderdale became nightmarish for me; too much crime, filth, homeless, anxiety and basic rudeness.  I can’t tell you the things people said to me or hollered from their car to mine; infractions for just breathing!  It was terrible.  I sat in our apartment and knitted continuously.  It was safer.


This is a half done dress for Ruth’s little baby who is due in May.  It’s silk & merino wool sock yarn from Sweet Georgia Yarn Co.  I may have mentioned before…..I belong to a club and get a surprise skein each month, hand dyed, beautiful wool.  It’s been fun coming up with a project for just one skein each month.  I’ve made woven dishtowels (a few posts back), a scarf for a friend of mine, fingerless gloves for Ruth, a hair band for winter and now this little dress.  It’s paid to have my children 9 years apart.  Now I have two little girls who are 4 and 6 whom I have showered with baby things and now another little baby coming along and then by the the time Paul, jr. starts we’ll get to do more baby stuff.  This could go on forever!

I’ll leave you with a classic Maine forcast projection about Candlemas Day, which is today that I heard on NPR this morning:

“Candlemas Day….Half your wood and half your hay should remain by Candlemass Day”.  The simplicity of it.  I love living here.




Just a few ideas

The other day the younger Paul was coming over for breakfast so I thought I’d make his favorite, biscuits.  It’s one of those comfort things I tend to go to anytime, so simple and flaky.  I’m trying to use non-hydrogenated rather than butter or crisco.  Butter really works in these types of things but….The problem is this non-hydo stuff is difficult to break up.  It flakes and is kind of like rocks, not sliceable or easy to get to pea size with your fingers like crisco is.  While perusing the shelves for anything that might work I found a potato masher – it works great!


A Happy Camper moment for me.  As this stuff doesn’t have much or any flavor you might want to add cheese or something but you do get flaky crusts from this.  Cool.

Lemon is one of my favorite things.  Saveur has a cool idea this month, in case you missed it.  A chef with a just fabulous name, Carla, had this idea in there so I did it and it perfectly satisfies my lemon tooth.  You cut up a whole lemon (after scrubbing), ditch the seeds, keep everything else.  Put it in a quisinart or some such and pulverize then add olive oil till it’s this nice emulsion.  I don’t know how much, I just poured it in till I had enough to fill my clean empty salsa jar.  It’s pretty fantastic.  She suggests using it tossed with roasted potatoes, great idea.  I’d toss it with everything.  Last night it was dribbled on our salad w/blue cheese crumbles, some small tomatoes and a strawberry or two.  Wow!


Back to my forgetting to put up some Bahamas water pictures.  This first one is the approach to that lighthouse in the distance, Hope Town.Image

You just want to be lying in it face down with a snorkel on (great to be able to breathe while your at it in that face down position, no?).

We motored across the water to this popular restaurant on our last day – Snappa’s.  Beer and fish with this view.


This last one is as we arrived at the Miami Airport, two days before Christmas (a nightmare of travelers).  What Paul is holding is our sign board that goes on the back of the boat underneath the name.  We brought it home to have our friend Artie of Cider Hill Woodworks carve us a new one.


Paul looks so darn serious when actually I think he was just trying to compose himself.  When we got off the little hopper plane from the island there were just so many people swarming around Miami, wild, crazy, tons of noise with massive visual impact.  We hit a bar pronto for a glass of wine.  When we finished that up we walked out the door and tried walking around but it was too much and, everyone was speaking Spanish and on the way to South America.  We found another bar, glass number 2.  It’s really hard to be “away” with zero stimulus, no phone, tv, people, radio, etc. just two people kinda quiet reading and swimming and then to step into something like Miami.  Yiiikes it was a culture shock.

Today’s agenda?  I’ve been asking myself that for a bit now and think I have settled on making a fleece coat for Luna.  I am desperate to go for a walk but it’s so darn cold (less than 20) which is o.k. but it’s windy as hell.  Yesterday while it was warm and raining as it was 40 something, I brushed Luna down to get rid of all her undercoat and fuzz.  She’s been shedding all over the place so I got rid of tons.  Watching it blow in the wind off the porch where she was being brushed I could see theres going to be tons of bird house construction materials available for those little guys in our bushes.  So now I’m afraid she might be cold without an undercoat.  Then it’s on to the more serious project I’ve so far avoided for six days so far (and counting); preparing numbers and files for closing out our company books for the year.  A massive project.  My vision is wobbly for trying to do it on the computer so I put everything, ever last cent, down on a multi taped together spread sheet and then try and make the numbers add up all ways.  Worst project of the year.

One last thing.  The book I’m reading, Endurance about Shackleton’s 1914/16 voyage to the Antarctic.  What is wrong with me?  It’s a freezing, miserable story and the fact that it’s freezing and miserable outside doesn’t help.  I guess it could be construed as exciting because as I’m reading it I have the sound effects just outside my window and can imagine being there.  But, it’s definantly not a girl thing, women don’t do these crazy things.  I’m curious.  I’d like to find a study about why women don’t do these risky, cold, miserable types of adventures. What’s different about our brains (boy, that’s a big one).  I know that’s possibly a generalization to say that and perhaps I just don’t read or hear about it but I suspect it’s rare.  Any ideas?

Happy Newest year!

2014, who would think?  I remember when I read the book 1984 and thought gee, that is so far in the distance could it be real.  And, bingo, here we are.

This is going to be kind of a backwards post (I forgot to download our Bahamas pictures first) so this will be a really to date kind of a post.  Like last night….one of my food mags, bon appetit suggested a Preserved Lemon Potatoes idea – great, does anyone have preserved lemons on hand, duh.  I did have Rosemary though and the almost very last of our own potatoes.  I did as they said, the usual, tossed the potatoes in some olive oil, s&p, rosemary and then roasted half way at 450.  Then I pulled them out, shaved lemon peel all over, squeezed a whole lemon’s juice, tossed and continued to bake.  Awesome!  Would have been even more so dipped in sour cream or something green maybe, kale mayo? But, as I am working on my dietary habits, a bit cleaner, lighter, I stuck with it and just had them as is with sauteed turkey burgers and avocado, not bad.


And, Food & Wine had a cool one:  Kale, Chard & Soppressata Pie.  Didn’t have most of that either but I do happen to have quite a bit of kale on hand most days.  This is a yummy dish although I should not have told the big boy that it was kale.  He even told me if I told him it was spinach he would have loved it.  As I didn’t have the chard or meat I just made it with tons of kale, garlic, lots of ricotta and I found some appetizer salami sticks which I chopped up for the fat part.  Great pie hot!  Kinda grossed me out eating it cold the next day which is the way Paul always eats these leftover things. 


What I altered from the original recipe is I used one half whole wheat in the crust; next time I might use rye flour and beer for the liquid as it’s a nice earthy flavor.  I used all kale, at least a pound, 6 cloves of garlic instead of two and 10 oz. of ricotta instead of 4.  I should learn to cut back on recipes or have company over when I do these things as we were eating this everyday for awhile which is o.k. by me but Paul had oh so many opportunities to tell me how much he hates kale.  Not worth it.

So, make your own pastry but use half something else for flour, use beer for the water part and add 1/2 C. parmigiano reggiano cheese in it. Chill the crust quite a bit.Saute your garlic in olive oil, add the kale a but at a time until it cooks down a bit, season with salt & pepper, throw some hot pepper flakes in also. Put in colander to drain and cool a bit.

Roll out the dough.

Whisk 4 eggs in a bowl, add the ricotta and kale mixture. 

Put in the crust, cover with top crust, vent and bake at 400 for 1/2 hour then 375 for another half.

It’s delicious no matter what anybody else says.

In my quest to be “embracing winter” my friend Marj’s term, not mine, I’ve been cross country skiing.  Love it anyway it’s just getting all those clothes on.  While skiing with my pal Janet the other day her daughter showed up with her “job”.  She’s a dog walker.  She had 13 dogs in tow and with our three it was a mob scene.  So much fun.  All of them had a blast.  In the picture is a little white nippy dog with a black spot eye, so darn cute, bothering my Luna (the half shown brown dog).  She kept coming to me with that look of get her the heck away from me. 


It was lovely that day, sunny, not bad on my skin.  I tell you, getting away for a week is oh so worth it, completely improves my view of the winter months ahead.  Of course, I’m planning on splitting again at the end of this month and yes, I am fortunate and appreciate it believe me.

With the last day of the month and year I put all our Chistmas stuff away.  We don’t have tons of things around just the Nutcrackers of the kids – 20 of them.  I got them partially bagged up, and sent a photo to Ruth.  Her usual retort…how will they breathe?  Really, 31 years old, having a child of her own and she still remembers her own teddy bear who was bagged up when left in a hotel room.  We retrieved the bear and he breathed again but it rocked her world.


I have not been weaving of late although I do have quite a few projects planned.  Knitting is usually my winter hibernation activity.  This is my current project.  I’ve knitted one and am started on a new one for Ruth with larger needles.  My needles were in the wrong sleeves so I spent one whole headband knitting tightly.  It’s o.k. I’ll keep that one as it fits, it’s just a tad thicker and tighter.



Have a lovely day out there!


Bon Voyage

Getting really excited.  Tomorrow we leave for warm waters for a week.  Very good timing as there is a nasty blizzard going on outside right now.  I wish I could take the dog and cats with me.  They have this look in their eye of fear that I’m leaving them behind.  Such guilt.  My friend Viv comes and stays here and takes really good care of them so…..they will be just fine.

I wanted to share this picture first: 


I took this yesterday while we were at the beach.  I got this hair brained idea that it would be fun to walk on the beach at low tide, 3 p.m.  Oh so wrong!  The Blizz was just beginning, the sand was frozen at dead low so it was a ice rink and cold beyond belief.  There is something about wet, sub zero, gray, dark ocean – geech, bad idea.  And, it was windy as hell.  Luna was content but we were trying to walk backwards as the snow/sleet stung us.  Hum, walking backwards on a wet sheet of ice crystals, not good.  We drove up to the Nubble after our short 10 minute walk.  Ruth and Matt got married where those cars are parked on December 23rd. seven years ago?  Really?  Paul’s mom said it was the very first drive up wedding she had ever been to.  It was awesome cause no other fools were out (it was much like yesterday); we had the whole place to ourselves, 15 of us, and Granny could be right up front and hear yet be comfortable in the car with the heat blasting.  Their wedding was about 5 minutes long and we all skedadled back to our house to eat the zillions of appetizers we made.

This past week, realizing we were going to be somewhere else the week before Christmas (yeah) I made Christmas Stollens.


I like this picture but I do miss those fake colors of the Christmas fruits you get at the store.  Paul is always so offended that I would use them I decided this year to “not hear it anymore” so I cut up all my own dried fruits from around my shelves.  It’s just not the same.


Really yummy toasted w/butter and coffee on the side in the morning.  One of my happy foods.

About six weeks back I made some Indian Sauerkraut.  It’s ready.  I made it with Napa cabbage as that is what I had excess of.  I used lots of tumeric as you can see from the color, cumin,  garlic, onions and some caraway.  It’s nice, not terribly spicy or crisp but I guess that’s because Napa is a soft cabbage. 


That’s it.  Have a lovely holiday.  A few of these pictures were taken with Instagram.  I’m not sure how you get them from me on there, if your interested but try carla rollins perhaps?  ciao ciao


Correction on the Chocolate thing

Skip the sugar in the Smoothie.  It is too much!  I tried it this morning with no sugar and liked it much better.  I get enough for two large drinks which amounts to 8 grams of sugar from the cherries alone.  It’s not too much.  Ruth suggests putting raspberries in also – I like that idea.

And, the bath towels are done.  Cushy! 


I’m going to dig into my cottolin for lighter colors and make some bath towels for Ruth and Matt’s new up and coming baby.  This towel has a great “hand” which means feel.  I think the old boy will be happy with it even though it’s got a lot of pink in it.  I tried to tone it down on the second one by using blue & green as it’s weft instead of pink & green.  They have an inch of fringe on either end.